Reducing the cost of energy & water for a UK educational group

Reducing the cost of energy & water for a UK educational group

Watts-ON Consultant’s services have been appointed for the optimisation of energy and water costs for an educational group in the UK. Our energy and water cost optimisation work is planned to be achieved with an improvement of energy and water efficiency as well as a better and coordinated procurement strategy for energy and water for the Group.

Watts-ON Consultants carried out energy and water audits over 37 teaching and student accommodation buildings across the south of England to collect metering information for the procurement process, to identify opportunities to reduce the use of utilities and to carry out billing validation to avoid overcharges to our client.

Our job is going to be completed with the migration of billing and consumption information to our MM&T platform, Watts-ON. The use of Watts-ON for the management of energy and water consumption and costs will be of great help for the Group’s management board to have visibility of their properties running costs.

In one occasion a simple review of the electricity bills for one of the Clients’ properties in London identified £15K worth of savings for incorrect charges. These charges will be refunded to our client at no cost.

If utility procurement is too much of a hassle for your accountant or you require professional procurement service, do not waste your money, contact Watts-ON Consultants.