Watts-ON Solution to overcome barriers in Energy Efficiency

Watts-ON Solution to overcome barriers in Energy Efficiency

Solutions To Overcome Barriers in Energy Efficiiency Projects

Watts-ON Consultants’ core business is to coordinate, implement and operate energy efficiency programmes designed to deliver tangible results for our clients. 

As a result of our core focus we had to identify practical solutions to overcome the natural barriers to the implementation of energy efficiency programmes and projects.

The digitalisation of our core service and the IoT (Internet of Things) are the tools we have used to overcome some of the barriers identified in our recent article.

In this latest article we talk in practical terms about some of the solutions we have developed to overcome these barriers:

Lack of awareness

When we start working with a new client we carry out a complete assessment of their utility management practice and company utility running costs. 

We then undertake a Gap Analysis of their utility management strategy and identify solutions for improvement.

As part of our solution we offer a temporary, secondment, sub-contracted or part time Energy Manager to meet our client’s needs and we monitor and track the activities and performance via our on-line energy management platform.

Our support on utility management goes way beyond the checking and reporting of how much energy is used by our clients. As an example we also include maintenance as part of our solution to engage with the wider team and avoid missing low hanging fruit opportunities.

Lack of technical knowledge 

New technologies, decarbonisation, legislation compliance requirements, green building certification and incentive schemes require deep technical knowledge to be sure that investments in energy and sustainability will deliver their expected financial performance. 

Our solution to this complex picture is to provide our clients with a team of experts.

Among our Consultants there are Chartered Engineers, Certified Energy Managers, ESOS Lead Assessors, EDGE, BREEAM and LEED  certified professionals whose knowledge spans from the technicalities of retrofitting a heat pump in a high temperature wet heating system to identifying the most cost effective root to achieve your preferred green building certification.

Watts-ON consultants’ experience goes beyond ASHRAE Level 1 and Level 2 consultancy services. We understand and provide support for engineering issues including carbon and financial collateral.

Long paybacks and availability of funding

We have created strategic alliances with third party companies whose services include the financing of energy efficiency projects. If your organisation needs to reduce its energy running costs, reduce its emissions as part of corporate ESG commitments or reduce dependency on fossil fuels, we can provide financial support to achieve these objectives. Power purchase agreement or Energy Performance Contracts are common but not exclusive solutions to go ahead with utility projects when cash flow is an issue.

Interpretation of investment performance

Our consultants are trained measurement and verification professionals and through Watts-ON, our management platform, we are able to track, measure and calculate in real time the performance of your investments in energy efficiency or infrastructure projects in a single building or across wide building portfolios. Our platform is able to receive, process and combine not only energy data from fiscal or sub metering but also exotic variables like building occupancy, weather data, environmental variables such as internal air T and CO2 concentration and BMS points. Combining data with exotic variables allows us to report on meaningful and relevant Key Performance indicators to assess the real impact of projects.


Watts-ON Consultants is ideally placed to provide advice, guidance and deliver Energy Efficiency Projects in your business and provide tangible savings on your energy and water usage.

With significant expertise and experience in the Hospitality and Leisure, Pharma, Higher Education and Manufacturing sectors an initial consultation with our experts could be one of the best things you’ll do for your business!