About us


Watts-ON Consultants is a privately-owned water and energy consultancy company founded in 2017 by Davide Bertelli (CEng), Dr. Cedric Rodrigues (CEng, PhD) and Giovanni Lupaldi (CEng, CEnv, CEM and ESOS LA).

We are a group of enthusiastic energy consultants, chartered engineers and software developers who have combined their global professional knowledge and experiences to help high energy and water users to reduce their utility consumption and running costs and improve their security of energy and water supply.

Watts-ON Consultants is the result of Cedric’s entrepreneurial vision, Giovanni’s management and Davidès software engineering. Together we have found the perfect synthesis of our combined expertise in Watts-ON, a user-friendly, low cost virtual utility manager assistant, which will help our clients in taking back control of their energy and water consumptions. Come and talk to us to show you how Watts-ON consultant can help your business reducing its running costs and improve competitiveness worldwide. As Kaizen specialists we can help your engineering and maintenance team in running your plants or buildings at desired operational standard with maximum efficiency and minimum cost.

If quality is your business philosophy and you believe in energy and water efficiency, you have undertaken your voluntary or mandatory utility audits, but you don’t see tangible benefits for your efforts, come and talk to us. Using our Kaizen workshop, we can guide and empower your team providing professional guidance and practical advice in reducing your utility consumption.

To manage your utilities is a complex business but for us it is elementary … elementary, Watts-ON!

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Energy Legislation compliance


Metering Monitoring & Targeting

Energy & Water audits

Energy procurement

Our team

Giovanni Lupaldi, CEnv, CEng IMEchE, CEM

Giovanni Lupaldi, CEnv, CEng IMEchE, CEM

  • Smart metering and M&T
  • Certified Energy Manager
  • Business development
Dr. Cedric Rodrigues, CEng, MCIBSE, PhD, MSc, BSc

Dr. Cedric Rodrigues, CEng, MCIBSE, PhD, MSc, BSc

  • Entrepreneur and Investor
  • Kaizen specialist
  • Energy procurement
Eng. Davide Bertelli

Eng. Davide Bertelli

  • Software design
  • Software security
  • Telemetry expert