BMS bureau management

Through the use of the Watts-ON platform, Watts-ON Consultants provide BMS bureau management services to optimise the operation of your BMS, identify faults and malfunctions in your building services, optimise the maintenance of your system and ensure your HVAC maintenance contract provides value for money.

In decarbonisation projects, ensuring your building is operating in a rational way is the first step towards reducing its carbon footprint. Watts-ON allows your building or factory to be managed in the most efficient way, tracking the operation of individual components of the building services and production lines.

We enable your heating and cooling systems to respond proportionally and accurately to the weather.

We also check that the calibration of your sensors is correct, your infrastructure works only when needed and your plants work at the expected efficiency.

The information stored on our platform is a fundamental part of the measurement and verification protocol associated with carbon and energy efficiency projects such as those funded by the Salix decarbonisation scheme.

  • Increase system efficiency

  • Reduce energy wastage

  • Decarbonisation through optimised energy management

  • Mitigate vulnerability and exposure to climate change

  • Lower risks of malfunction