The Role of Data Analytics in Decision-Making for Businesses

Introduction In today’s fast-paced and data-driven business landscape, decisions can make or break a company’s success.  Gone are the days when gut instincts and educated guesses are sufficient to steer a business in the right direction.  Enter data analytics, a powerful tool that has revolutionised the way businesses make decisions. In one of our latest

Carbon Accounting And ESG Reporting Requirement

Decarbonisation is a recurring topic on the agenda of large organisations.  The 28th Conference of Parties (COP28) has recently concluded in Dubai and one of the key issues on the table was how do World Governments try to find an agreement to reduce carbon emissions? Clearly Governments across the World are challenged with the task

Certification Myth-Buster series 1

Planning for Certification – Cost and Task Heads-up So you are ready to or have been tasked to certify your building under one of the big schemes, BREEAM or LEED for improving your ESG compliance scores… and now you need to set up a financial plan for it. This is where a lot of uncertainty

The Power of Metering, Monitoring and Targeting

Metering Monitoring and Targeting is an important step and a crucial aspect of energy management for any organisation looking to drive efficiencies and ultimately reduce costs. What gets ‘measured’ gets ‘managed’ and thanks to the process of Metering, Monitoring and Targeting, consumption data is collected and analysed to evaluate consumption over a medium to long

Why A Quality Energy Audit Matters!

A quality energy audit matters because it is the foundation of any efficiency improvement plan. It is also the step with the highest error factor and the minimum added value. Stripping away the jargon, you could translate it into something like this: “You could pay a consultant to tell you what time it is using

Watts-ON Solution to overcome barriers in Energy Efficiency

Solutions To Overcome Barriers in Energy Efficiiency Projects

Watts-ON Consultants’ core business is to coordinate, implement and operate energy efficiency programmes designed to deliver tangible results for our clients.  As a result of our core focus we had to identify practical solutions to overcome the natural barriers to the implementation of energy efficiency programmes and projects. The digitalisation of our core service and