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Introducing Zoltan Majnovics our new Sustainability Consultant

Zoltan Majnovics

We’re delighted to announce the appointment on Zoltan Majnovics as our new Sustainability Consultant. Zoltan joins our already strong consulting team which leads our clients’ efforts in achieving their sustainability certification targets which may include carrying out engineering surveys, supervising other specialists and doing whatever it takes to acquire the required certification! Zoltan is experienced

CIBSE AM17:2022

CIBSE has released AM17:2022, Heat Pump installations for large non-domestic buildings. In the guidance is highlighted that in order to specify “a smaller, more efficient and more affordable heat pump system”, consideration and planning shall be put to define the building load. Assessing peak loads, diversification and demand profile, calculating the capacity of the heating

Building certification

Do you need to certify your buildings to meet ESG , EU taxonomy requirements or CSR targets? We are here to support your certification effort. Thanks to our vast range of qualifications, Watts-ON Consultants can help your company find the best route to certify your building portfolio. We work closely with our client’s team from

Decret Tertiare compliance

Often our fellow colleagues and professionals in the energy efficiency sector complain about the lack of commitment or action following the completion of an energy efficiency audit. Most of the time capital projects with a reasonable payback are not taken forward and implemented. This happens for various “good reasons”, which Watts-ON Consultants will discuss in

Energy and COVID-19

The pandemic has brought a huge financial shock to the world economies. The World Bank projected that the global economy once things will go back to normal and the market will start trading without constraints will be 5.5% lower in GDP compared to the situation before COVID-19. According to the IEA Global energy Review 2021,

Battery storage and Electric mobility

At Watts-ON Consultants there is a team of professionals who are believers in the IoT and the digitalisation of business. We constantly seek treasures when datamining and this time we are extracting gems from the performance readings of our Director’s family #EV! Credits to Kim, who went along with Giovanni’s weird request to keep note

Decarbonisation projects for the public sector

Watts-ON Consultants are busy with decarbonisation projects for the public sector. The most popular choice for the NHS is the application of high temperature cascading heat pumps (Ground and Air source) to replace existing gas fired boilers. These projects often involve the connection of multiple buildings within a districtheating network to a centralised high temperature

Sustainability knowledge and collaborative approach

Very often sustainability certification is perceived as a tedious tick box exercise. We are aware that sometimes it can be that way. There are many certification schemes out there that we work with and often our Clients are misguided on the reasons why and how they should undertake a sustainability assessment. Here at Watts-ON Consultants