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Hands-on approach

Watts-ON Consultants is working to provide support to the hospitality sector to track progress and verify implementation of practical day-to-day energy efficiency best practice. Using Watts-ON, our M&T platform, we are able to monitor and measure the effectiveness of JDIs (Just-do-it), energy efficiency recommendations we identify during our kaizen workshops. The JDIs are simple no/low

ESOS Support

Watts-ON Consultants is the preferred sub-contractor for larger consultancy corporations supporting them with phase 2 of the energy saving opportunity scheme (ESOS). We are collaborating with larger consultancies in helping their clients to meet ESOS compliance across the United Kingdom. Watts-ON Consultants has delivered top quality services for large undertakings and multiple sites, with clients

We are on top of the future

Our consultants are collaborating with the Ecole Mines ParisTech on a research project focused on the application of domestic battery storage in UK and European markets. The research will use empirical data collected on a trial site and processed through Watts-ON, our M&T platform, with a view to evaluate the engineering and financial effectiveness of