Energy Compliance (ESOS and SECR)

Energy Compliance

From April 2019, UK Companies that meet two of the three criteria below:

  1. 250 Employees

  2. £36m Annual turnover

  3. £18m Total Balance sheet

Are required to present their UK based energy usage and carbon emission within their Director’s report. If one of your Company’s undertaking has not used more that 40MWh, that subsidiary can be excluded from reporting its energy consumption and carbon emissions if the above qualification criteria are not met.

What falls within the energy and carbon mission reporting are:

  1. Fuel used in transport within the UK (logistics, business and other purchased fuel)

  2. Natural gas

  3. Electricity

The SECR report should detail the methodology used in the calculation and the energy efficiency initiatives taken within the reporting year to reduce consumption and emissions.

Using Watts-ON and its Consultant’s support, we can help your company producing the SECR report. We will keep track of your energy consumption with our on-line M&T platform in an effortless and cost-effective way. We can support your organisation in identifying opportunities to reduce energy consumption and document your efficiency action plan.

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