Energy Procurement

Profiting from change

The UK energy market is the most open and competitive market in Europe enabling energy buyers to source both fixed price and flexible price products over 2, 3 or 5 year contract periods.

The choice between Fixed v Flexible price contracts boils down to the buyer’s attitude to risk. Both types of contract carry inherent risk for example, buying a fixed price fixed term contract may give you peace of mind but the chances of getting it right are no better than 50:50.

In volatile markets, flexible price contracts backed up by a risk management strategy can deliver much better results than fixed price contracts. If you need help in setting up your procurement strategy, Watts-ON consultants are here to help.

In the UK, the price of the energy commodity itself now represents less than 40% of the total price compared with 10 years ago. Today, increasing government levies & distribution costs account for most of the final consumer price. Buying competitively & understanding the price signals for each cost components is as important as buying the energy commodity at the correct price.

Using our expertise and working closely with supply we can deliver effective procurement solutions. Our procurement services are based on a good knowledge of the market combined with a strong partnership with key utility service comprises. Our procurement services provide:

  • Comprehensive assessment of energy load profiles for matching with supply tariffs
  • Expert evaluation of fixed and flexible products
  • Ongoing load management to maximise cost benefits
  • Risk Management Strategy for trading gas and electricity
  • Bill validation, budgeting and forecasting.

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