Energy & Water Kaizens

Change for the better

The Kaizen is an approach to improve an organisation’s performance in using resources. Dr Cedric Rodrigues, a Kaizen specialist, has adapted and customed the Kaizen programme to the manufacturing and hospitality sectors. It is applicable to any business to improve and promote efficiency.

The Kaizen is based on a team approach where Watts-ON Consultants, senior management, building operators and section operatives work together to meet corporate sustainability goals. The Kaizen workshop encourages and empowers the team on site to identify and implement improvements in energy and water utilisation, process efficiency and cost reductions.

The Watts-ON Consultants team carries out the Kaizen work using the 3Rs (Reduce > Reuse > Resource) roadmap as illustrated here to guide our client’s team throughout the workshop to identify and assess opportunities.

The event is facilitated by our experienced Kaizen consultants.

We offer 2 types of Kaizens:

  • Standard Kaizen – for existing facilities where we support the management of buildings already in operation
  • Handover Kaizen – for newly commissioned buildings and processes where we set the standard for the correct use of recently occupied properties/plants


The Kaizen’s results-oriented approach captures both “quick wins” called Just Do Its (worth around 2% to 3% in savings at low/no cost) and capital projects that yield larger sustainable savings. The impact of our capital project is a reduction in the long-term operation of 10% to 20% in utility running costs. All the JDIs and capital projects are assessed and agreed with the local team and co-ordinated to meet our client’s sustainability goals.

  • Enhance resource management

  • Reduce carbon footprint with efficient energy management

  • Decrease vulnerability and exposure to volatile energy costs

  • Optimise energy and water consumption

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