Pharma is well known for its intensive energy and water manufacturing processes. Our consultants have extensive knowledge and experience delivering global cost & CO2 reduction programmes for industry key players. We have experience in:

  • Primary & Secondary sites for antibiotics and AP
  • Consumer healthcare
  • Respiratory products
  • R&D facilities

Our consultants deliver bespoke services including energy compliance, team kaizens and on-site support for energy managers to implement the most cost effective route for your carbon reduction targets.

Our Deliverables

Our turnkey solution is custom designed for this sector to deliver efficiency & cost savings for:

Steam and hot water generation

HVAC systems

Chemical processes

Combined heat & power (CHP)

Waste water treatment plants

Average savings identified ~ 15% to 25%

Other Benefits

Compliance with various national & international carbon emission directives (ESOS, EUETS, etc)

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