Metering Monitoring and Targeting

No one would contemplate running a business without proper financial measurement and control. Cost centres, production volumes, budgets, sales forecasts, etc are key parts of the managing an organisation.

However, for energy intensive organisations the saying “you cannot manage what you cannot measure” is paid minimum attention when it comes to utility consumption.

Often in energy & water management, total reliance is placed on the main fiscal meters for the analysis of an organisation’s energy usage. These fiscal meter consumptions are also read monthly if at all.

Important consumption information – good and/or bad habits or practices – go unchecked and unnoticed by the simple analysis of fiscal meters especially if these meter’s consumption is estimated by your utility provider.

Our professional sub-metering solutions can reveal exactly how and where energy & water are being used in your factory or building portfolio. When sub-metering data is related to production or weather variables a clear picture develops of inherent inefficiencies and wasteful uses of energy & water.

With the Watts-ON Consultants’ advise and metering, monitoring and targeting services, sub-metering data can be harnessed at its full potential to:

  • identify savings
  • measure effectiveness of capital projects
  • optimise capacity of your engineering infrastructure based on the actual building/factory loads
  • control effectiveness of efficiency campaigns

Our smart energy meters can be installed strategically at the point of interest at a minimum cost to collect data of utility consumption and production/occupancy volumes. Watts-ON consultants can specify and manage the installation of meters and sub-metering data acquisition system to collect information in real time.

Watts-ON Consultants’ expert utility analysis can help you unlock the savings hidden in your utility consumption profiles and assess the real performing efficiency of your systems.

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