Watts-ON Software

Watts-ON is a virtual utility management assistant, developed by our Software Director Davide Bertelli. We downloaded 60 years of knowledge in engineering and energy efficiency into an AI tool designed to:
– anticipate faults
– reduce downtime
– and deliver proven and sustained utility savings to your organisation.

Watts-ON was designed for Facilities and Building Managers based on the on-site experience of our team of expert energy consultants. Watts-ON can be quickly customised to meet the specific energy and water efficiency needs of your buildings and is designed to continuously adapt and evolve to meet your requirements.

Watts-ON is not just an online energy management system, it is a proactive and intelligent tool that prompts energy managers to investigate and implement savings, giving you a return on your investment in just 6 months.

How does it work?

Watts-ON can process information coming from your existing water and energy meters or from sub-metering data coming from your BMS (Building Management System). Our economical and effective Metering Monitoring and Targeting software can combine and analyse the consumption data coming from smart sub-meters and production/occupation volumes to verify the:

– real time efficiency of your equipment
– correct operation of your M&E equipment
– measurement and verification of your efficiency projects
– optimal capacity for your engineering projects

Watts-ON will become an indispensable assistant helping with day-to-day energy management activities such as Kaizen preparation, project management, energy and water reduction efforts, financial and carbon reporting, sharing of best practice and much more.

In summary Watts-ON improves productivity and performance.

Our Automated Calculation Engine – Fault Detection and Diagnostics

The direct route to more efficient buildings

Watts-ON, our complete Energy Management platform, was created with the purpose of delivering Metering Monitoring and Targeting services. But metering can only go so far in the identification of savings which is why created the ultimate solution, by adding Fault Detection and Diagnostic (FDD) capabilities to identify the root cause of what makes a building inefficient.

We believe in the power of FDD, and it’s achieving excellent results on buildings where Watts-ON is deployed.

We are offering an opportunity to assess the benefits of FDD to those professionals that are new to the technology or that need a strong business case to recommend the use of Watts-ON.

We can quickly calculate the savings which can be achieved using our Fault Detection and Diagnostics solution (FDD) and the assessment can be done remotely or with a fast ½ day site day visit.

Technology has moved fast and there is an opportunity to implement Watts-ON without hardware installation on relatively modern BMS.

Our solution can save up to 20% your current running costs with an immediate return on investment.

It’s a win – win so get in touch today.

…it’s ELEMENTARY Watts-ON!


Efficiency tracking

Efficiency tracking

Control assessment

Control assessment

Consumption patterns

Consumption patterns

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